What’s on your menu?

If you were to think of ten filling meal dishes that you can make as effortlessly as you pour juice in a glass, what would they be?


You cannot add ready-to-eat gravies or noodles etc to this list. However, you can include all-day breakfast kinda items to the list…

So if you do not have ten meal-worthy dishes to this list,

You need to go back to the years when you were loading that bread with butter & jam till someone arrived to give you a hearty home prepped meal. Because that’s what The Purple Frog thinks is the most basic to human existence.

Effortless basic cooking, cleaning & styling with the focus on the word effortless – effortless and as mundane as taking a shower, so that the real things do not get sidelined…

This is a tried and tested experiment here at The Purple Frog. Years of observation has gone into concluding this. The best part is that you can start this whenever you realise this. Jab Jaago, Tabhi Savera….

How to achieve this? Steps…

  • Be willing to take care of yourself and your tongue’s pleasures. Kindness to not bind someone to take care of your tongue and tummy in the name of love/duty.
  • Make a list of items you love to eat.
  • Now digest the fact that they are so cumbersome to make. How the hell can this be done daily by ME?
  • After that, imagine the face of the person who has been doing it for years for you, in the name of love/duty. Draw inspiration.
  • Now introspection – do I really want to eat this anymore – kinda question may occur to you. It is okay. Just re-do the list.
  • Final list. Practice and eat for at least six months.
  • Final result. Basics will remain basics and self-care will be as easy (and sometimes fun) as taking a shower.
  • Even Better: It will all be more fun with someone since it takes Two to Tango…

Thing This Week

An all-day breakfast item from one of the top-ten lists here at The Purple Frog.

Sooji (Semolina) upma with tangy tomato chutney (south-Indian style)

The Purple Frog | Sooji Upma meal with tomato chutney

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