This morning, music woke up the people here. Deep, husky voice with bare minimum instruments. It was soothing.

It reminded The Purple Frog of the days when grandfather used to sing his one, almost trademarked, prayer, a cappella, early morning every day. Waking up to that sound was a ritual in summer vacations.


Nobody in the entire clan would have a recording of that sound and voice. Those are the balms The Purple Frog keeps talking about. Lol. Although regular recordings were prevalent when music systems were called tape recorders.


Candid Voice Recordings with typical & peculiar styles of people you love. Their dialects and sounds. Everything so typical about them that only you know what it means to hear it. Also, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it would be ideal to have a Grandparents’ Day too.

And no, apart from ShraadhShraadh is an Indian ritual for paying homage to the departed.)

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