Today’s Special: Paper Masala

The Purple Frog likes people who get hurt by spicy reactions or can get moist-eyed with something many others find easy to digest. What seems juvenile can also be seen as someone having been able to protect a sweet, sensitive part of themselves which is what makes their presence that much more comforting on an everyday basis.

And everyday life is what counts the most. Adding to the charm of everyday life is Sky Goodies with its DIY Paper Craft Kits.

After meeting Misha & Amit in their workshop (which they often call Santa’s workshop) and hearing stories about how many people write back to them about how much they enjoyed their DIY kits, the feeling was YAY.

That’s what the heart cherishes. MAKING.

So The Purple Frog has been hopping around to see what all is going on in this planet and how the hell do they do it. This hop was right here at Khar West, Mumbai.

Mavericks This Week

Misha & Amit who love the colour and chaos of India. However, here, they do miss that spirit of making cool stuff that’s quite visible in other countries.

Their Thing

Sky Goodies. They do wild stuff with paper. Lol.

For Now

DIY Paper Craft Kits. Within that, the Gift Boxes are adorable. One suitcase box looks like Louis Vuitton-gone-kitsch.

The latest DIY Tank Box is Misha’s favourite. She feels this urge to create value through her work and this Tank is her way of spreading the message Make Happy, Not War.

Can’t resist telling this. When she went on and on about how much she wants to do meaningful work and someday give people a shop where they lose themselves to the fun things she will keep there, it was heartwarming : )

For Ever

Apart from being together, the two want to just create so many things in so many varied directions. There is paper at one end and then there is technology that has been their bread and butter since forever now.

The Purple Frog prediction: Intricate products made from simple material will get them to stand out in the future.

 Where Can You Spot Them

Exhibitions are hot with them. It’s their thing. They just pick their Taam-Jhaam and team and just leave for any place that’s called exhibition. So it was easy to figure. Their favourite vacation spots are The Lil Flea and the Kala Ghoda madness. That’s when they actually turn into Santa’s workshop.

Apart from that, they have a website where you can see the entire catalogue and order what you like:

You can also chase them through their Facebook page like other obsessed customers who sound like DIY Zombies. They have tried all the kits and keep asking for more and more and more. Lol.

The Purple Frog | Sky Goodies DIY Paper Craft

Oh Boy, What a Toy

Got two, tried one. Really enjoyed.  Got tired. That’s the joy of DIY. Good Sleep. Woke up. Added strings and figured this way of using the ornaments.

The Purple Frog | DIY Festive Ornament kit

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