The Unavoidable Subject

It’s always surprising. When men get together, they engage in PlayStation or talking about the arrival of the new XBOX. When women get together, they engage in discussing feelings.

In a chance encounter, The Purple Frog happened to overhear two lovely women – sold to the most sold concept, second only to religion, LOVE.

One knew all about it to the extent that she could confidently comment about the love of others and the second one was finding it hard to even appreciate one quality in a man, forget LOVE.

Well, let me clear, The Purple Frog knows nothing about LOVE at all. The failed attempts at understanding it have been…hmmm…TUMULTUOUS.  It’s a black hole it has been trying to avoid. It prefers to hang out with the ignorant male of its species to avoid the mention of the word and strange occurrences.

So This Post…

It is only a recollection of a discussion of the two hot ladies who were quite disappointed with men from the north of our country and women who do not live up to the expectations of love.

Unfortunately, they were harsh on both. And harshness is not a great turn on for The Purple Frog. Its voice chokes and mind becomes numb. Yet, it tried holding on. We were sharing a table.


Men from the north seemed to like bigger assets in women and state it openly with bold gestures which the ladies found offending. Women who fall in and out of LOVE didn’t find much approval either. These Men are talking absurd, looking for young virgins all over the world. These kinda women are confusing the men of the world, are not getting signals, are getting sentimental too much, too soon or not at all and what not.

Intervention to understand the two kinds of people being objected to was not of much use. The hot ladies were not ready to cool down.

Lessons of the Day

Knowledge about love and life by a certain age is a must for a woman. And showing no signs of your raw desires in front of women is a must for men, especially from the north.

In case, you are the one who falls short of being perfect in the eyes of perfection, either pretend or dig a burrow like The Purple Frog and pray for the heavy downpour to stop.

Even then, don’t come out till you find someone imperfect to share your table with. Lol.

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