The Trouble With ____ Is

Kelly Clarkson’s song – The Trouble With Love – can become a headline for many articles and posts. Try it. Simply replace the word Love with whatever is irreplaceable in  your life.

Here at The Purple Frog, the blank can be filled with ‘A Talking Heart’…

The Trouble With A Talking Heart Is

It can lead you on a way that initially feels like you have gone astray…

Saying it poetically doesn’t take away the numbness you can feel in the knees that happens when you chase a feeling.

But the tickling in the toes, every now and then, definitely tells you, what else you are going to do if not chase this feeling…

Other troubles are 

  • A lack of labels and a lack of role models.

Both are not important to your Talking Heart. Labels can range from maverick to bored lunatic based on how engrossed you are in your undefined pursuit

As far as the role models go, a Talking Heart admires but hardly follows…So, no role models.

  • A Talking Heart often likes to beat the sense of time and that focus-on-one-thing too which are sure to lead someplace known. Get a little late for the party and A Talking Heart lands you in troubles your Talking Heart itself doesn’t know how to deal with…lol.

It just knows

How to beat faster when the toes tickle and guess what, once you start listening to your Talking Heart and trusting it…the tickling becomes frequent and it all feels like a big party.

Eventually, hopefully, the bills get paid too…lol.

And The Purple Frog is sure, even, Kelly Clarkson would agree that the troubles of A Talking Heart are far more bearable than the troubles of love…

Thing This Week

 Wall Work with pencils

The Purple Frog | A Talking Heart | Serendipity

Used a textured multi- hued pencil & a charcoal one

The Purple Frog | Wall Work Pencils

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