The Charm of Quaint

It’s easy on the nerves but deeply impactful. It is not prim but it is not cluttered either.

The work of Safomasi, a fabric design set up, is quite like that and it caught The Purple Frog’s attention while exploring twitter.

Safomasi – the name

It comes from the two who run it. Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh. Sarah designs and illustrates while he makes them real.

A Delhi-based studio where Sarah lands with stories from her travels and graphically puts them down for printing them on fabric…

Her latest designs are inspired from her visit to Salcombe and is a story that she gets very excited to tell.

The printing part is special

Mostly working on cotton and linen fabrics, Safomasi uses hand screen printing that requires a lot of manual work since each colour is printed separately. As a result, the design is dissected and a screen is made for each layer of colour and ink is put through using a squeegee (flat, smooth, rubber blade) to make a print onto the surface below.

The Purple Frog | Safomasi Hand printed textile

What’s lovely about it

We live in a time when ‘minimum effort – maximum attention’ seems to be desired all around the world and technology is able to make it possible too.

So this kind of personal, passionate effort and the time spent on details at every stage makes it a very comforting brand for home wares. It seems soft and soothing from the very start : )

The Purple Frog | Safomasi textile products


The trimmings, leather, zips, pom poms, tassels and other things are sourced for making cool stuff with the final fabric. There is a workshop and then there’s a studio. is quite a detailed website where you can access and buy the special collections.

Why isn’t their design type present at more places

That’s how it is, says Sarah. That’s how we like it. Guess that’s another thing about being quaint. It also leaves a lot of room for other creative works to exist.

 Thing this week

Hand Screen Printed Back-to-School Drawstring Backpack

Since it is possible to Make Your Own Anything, The Purple Frog got a small hand screen made in a single colour. There is nothing like DIY to understand any process closely.

So got the fabric, played with the squeegee and got this hand screen printed fabric…

Precision comes with patience and The Purple Frog often runs out of it. That’s why the odd spacing.

Used the fabric to make a back-to-school Drawstring Backpack.

The Purple Frog| Hand screen printed drawstring backpack

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