The Collection


The Purple Frog Store brings to you pieces that have been created by individuals who have joyously been giving a skill or a passion a great deal of their time. We guess that’s what is called Art.

Each piece here is studio-made and as a result, neither carries machine-made perfection nor can it be replicated.

  • Just Arrived: These pieces have never been used by the makers.
  • Dated: These pieces have been used by the makers and after a little touch-up, they are now ready to part with them.
  • Timeless: The makers will part with these pieces only if someone takes care of them and simply enjoys them. They are the priceless pieces that the makers will decide who to give to and at what price…

Again, since each piece has an emotional value attached to it, we request our customers to be very sure of what they buy since the products can’t be returned or exchanged. However, in special cases, we will take the product back, if undamaged or try to get the problem fixed.

Write at The Purple Frog will be happy to help in whichever way it can…

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