Pet Woes

Hey you…hey…excuse me…hello…helloooo….are you deaf…oh, God…are you new here….are you deaf…oh, you deaf one. Oh, you 20 years younger one…hey you…don’t walk your dog on the pavement. Do it on the grassy patch.

Hey you…child…don’t walk your dog in the park.

Hey you…don’t walk your dog in this enclosure of houses. Go outside the gated community.

Hey you…go inside your gated community…this is the main street.

Hey you…Is that a dog you are walking…

And many more (about 50+ in 3 days of moving into an old house) suggestions on where not to walk your dog…Maybe next, they will not be ashamed of suggesting where to bury him if he dies of not answering the nature’s calls.

The dirty park where children burn crackers (an activity as questionable as walking a dog in a city)…The dirty society where 5-6 strays roam around and shit all over the place…no one knows where to where from…

But, a nomadic-by-nature pet animal walking around in the most guarded way so as not to offend the passersby, gets commented by a lady dressed in the most non-stylish morning walk clothes. Well, if a dog can’t walk on concrete…then you can’t wear track pants with the traditional Indian Kurta and sloppy slippers and an unmatched Dupatta and scratch your unwashed head and tell this park is only for the beauties i.e. the humans.

Anyhow, the part above was only a defensive comeback roused by some of those who own the world more because they landed here some years before or at a better home. Name calling and similar ways of doing things was perhaps their style of doing things…People often forget, we are still a nation that has a slum next to every high-priced society and both live off each other all the time…

From people to strays to pets…the question is not who owns the planet more…the question is how you assert and impose your style of doing things and your values without thinking twice. Maybe, that’s the reason why some neighbourhoods, some colonies, some cities are called shanty and some posh…some properties hot and some not…

Thing This Week

Preachy Message:

A little sensitivity along with a lot of thinking before uttering words of attack can go a long, long way for a candid co-existence…

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