Imagine: The Start of Everything

An image conjures up in the mind when you associate an unimaginable feature to an existing mundane object. I find the idea of such quirks beautiful. The beauty of imagination…how far it can lead you.

And then when such a mutation of that object exists in nature, you don’t feel informatively challenged, rather divinely connected.

Although purple isn’t my favourite colour, it just doesn’t let go off my fascination. Every time I get over it, it possesses a new form and appears in front of me.
First of all, the colour seems to have been trending ever since I gained consciousness. I like many other colours more than purple, such as blue and white, yet I can’t get over my first introduction to the colour purple, a sari in my mum’s traditional sari collection. Every time that sari came out of that suitcase of hers during the exciting wedding season of Delhi, I would let my eyes devour the colour for hours. I wonder if it was the richness of the plain bright colour or that soft pashmina-silk over which it lay so beautifully.

Sitting in my parents’ bedroom, I used to create noises, that now would be considered inappropriate) pestering my mum to wear it. When she used to refuse to wear something that bright, I used to just lust over the smoothness and beauty of it and hold it and massage it all over my face. I think i wanted to eat it like everything yummy that came my way.

That same fascination I have with the word toad. Not because it is my favourite animal (a Giraffe is, for reasons I will share later) but because I love the title of a book that’s called ‘ Toad in my garden’.
Raised in a small house with a big wild garden, I could immediately conjure images of a beautiful dark green frog leaping about there with the squirrels.

So one random day, my mind imagined a purple frog. A pretty little naughty fellow. I complimented myself on coming up with something that sounds so cool. A perfect brand name for anything I ever start, I thought. However, the purple of the sari wasn’t suiting the toad in my head.
And that’s when i googled ‘purple frog’ to look for some clipart.
I can’t explain in enough words the spiritual connection I felt when I realized, in nature, purple frog exists. I almost felt like god. lol

Purple Frog turned out to be as rare as the reason of my creating an image of it in my head and falling in love with it as though it were real.
It is only found in the Western Ghats of India. And if I remember right, around Kerala some 150 have been traced, out of which only 3 are female. Yeah, I know. I also had the same reaction. Quite skewed a ratio for the species to be able to survive few more years.

However, the exciting part was purple frog exists. The purple of its gooey smooth slippery skin makes him look so beautiful for me to want to do something with it, like the purple sari. I am an aspiring vegetarian, otherwise the truth is, it looks so beautiful to me that I want to eat it up.
That said, this is the first thing I’m doing on my own and it has to be called ‘The Purple Frog.’
The idea is to take off from here in every direction that imagination takes into. Explore subjects, objects, places and possibilities in whatever the mind can comprehend, the body can do and the soul can feel.

Why am I sharing it with the world or keeping an account of my thoughts on the web? Well, they said that if you think original, you can make money of the internet. Plus I think there’s always some place where you can be present at the right time and make a difference.
So the idea is to give wings to thoughts and make them reach like-minded people and someday, may be, empower as many people as possible to feel free, feel inspired and explore the world how nature originally intended us to.

Only then will The Purple Frog call it’s puny existence meaningful…The Purple Frog|Imagine.Explore.Create

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