The Real She Skin

A lot of my guy friends wonder how French women love so freely and why Indian women have so little to offer without getting preachy…lol

Well, I don’t blame the men. I don’t blame the girls either. I want to blame…hmmm…as usual the SYSTEM.  And also our hurry to change the SYSTEM.

The arrival of Tinder and many such apps has happened in the last 2-3 years and we already have stereotypes and a huge need to describe and define the Tinder experiences. Tag the type of men and tag the type of women who come there and tag what they say, tag what they want, tag, tag, tag.

As if there were so many options to have encounters before Tinder in our SYSTEM. And as if, we have to achieve some goal through something all the time.

The meeting through the very ‘purpose-oriented’ online life partner search portals comes with a shelf life and a pretty much subconsciously ‘pre-defined’ system for how it must go, the process thereafter and so on.
And now we are doing the same thing to Tinder and similar such apps. Defining what it is or what it must become?
Those portals involved families at some level, so we had different sets of actions and expectations.

These portals are secretive and personal so we have different sets of actions and expectations.

So if a girl didn’t want to have fun, then why did she put such a tempting picture? If a guy does excess compliments on day one, how desperate he must be, what a creep? OMG, she looks like a Land Whale. OMG, he is so fugly & fake. And then there is the final one. Here to meet someone interesting. Mate with someone interesting. Date someone interesting. Interesting, interesting, interesting. What the hell is interesting? If you want entertainment, watch TV, hang out with people if you are interesting at all to have a few in your life. Strangers come with strangeness not some spontaneous, stand-up comedy or talk show skills.

@ Girls
Guys don’t know how to get Indian women to have fun. How to get her to be in her own skin…they don’t know when will she get all feminist. When will she get offended or hurt. When will she want to get married. May be fake talks of love and marriage will get her in her true skin…so on and so forth.
So they go all the way out to show they know how to love or they are very interesting or they are well-settled. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So be easy with them. If possible, playful. And ya those married ones, pity them or they may know more than the single ones. Lol

@ Guys
Most girls were told in subtle as well as lurid ways to not have anything called the true skin. True love is for the innocent, says Bollywood unabashedly. Lol. And the Real She Skin often out-rightly makes you fall in the cunning, conniving or even naïve compartments. Who wants to deal with all of that? So the girls are either hiding it or are not even aware of it. Those who bare it like the Shakiras and the Beyonces have the Gerard Piques and Jay Zs of the world around them. Jay Z has been TIME human of the year type of thing since forever now.

So if you can’t get her, you were either timid yourself or too bold to pass as cold…Let luck be on your side next time. Lol. And ya for you all too, those married ones, pity them or they may know more than the single ones.

Well, the good news for all of us is that now there is a Tinder and more such purposeless streets in the online world where people bare their hearts, minds, even bodies and are trying to wander freely to kill time or find something. Who knows? However, I do think those streets are not for all of us. If we cannot handle without hope or judgment another free spirited human around us, we must avoid visiting.

Oops…I got preachy too.

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Tag Me: I’m Art

For me, sometimes it is hard to identify and distinguish certain art forms from others. The more you meet the creators and curators of art, the gap between what pleases your eyes and what is appreciated by the tasteful, kinda widens.

Now the art form KITSCH world over is considered tacky and cheesy especially by the modern artists. In fact, it is inspired from a German word that means to cheapen. However, there are slightly accepted forms of kitsch called Pre-emptive kitsch and Meta kitsch through which popular artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Allen Jones (who have a certain artistic style that can easily be disregarded by the modern artists) have tried to fit in. They have adopted kitsch and pulled it off deliberately instead of even trying to create what the tasteful like. Try checking out the works of these artists to understand the kind of explicit display & style (for many it falls in the vulgarity zone) kitsch talks about.

World over, now for ease, it is all termed as Pop Art.

The Purple Frog | Meta Kitsch Pop Art

In our country, kitsch has somehow taken the form of pop art style and colours that are bold and mostly drawn from Bollywood and the real Indian streets. Our sense of kitsch, I don’t think, will in any recent time go to create works similar to Jeff Koons, the kind of work he has pulled off with Lady Gaga. Well, to me, his work is not chic but it is not kitsch too…it’s playful…lol

New Things

This time here at The Purple Frog, there is a coffee jar turned into a flower vase, a tea lover’s Bollywood-style-confession Coaster and our own version of a Playful kitsch Do Not Disturb door tag.

The Purple Frog | India Bollywood Kitsch | Flower Vase Coaster Room Tag

So it’s festival time and if you, like me, you do not know how to feel special on special occasions, try making cool things.

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Make Do – Do Make

In one of his books, People Watching, Desmond Morris starts by highlighting the fact that all animals perform actions and many go for making artefacts too such as nests, burrows, beds and webs. And then he makes an observation about the ability of abstract thinking in humans and says a beautiful line – it is only with man that artefaction and abstraction have run riot and that’s the essence of his success story.

The ‘run riot’ part sounds superbly wild and when I look around, there are many people who are running their imaginations wild and personalising their worlds. With the Purple Frog store – The Make Shop, the idea is to preserve that touch of raw, that touch of wild which I think is a sign of brimming life.

So you can watch this space for interesting things people have created in the cosy corners of their homes, studios or workshops with varying degrees of precision and suaveness. You can buy them or mail me if you want to make something similar with your touch and I would be happy to help in whichever way I can. 

Leaving an inspired you would be the ideal thing here. It is the sense of accomplishment that comes with MAKE that makes all the difference. It is obviously not possible to design and stitch your own clothes, make your own furniture, cook gourmet meals or all things else.

But, you can definitely make a small wooden chest, tie and dye a silk scarf, add a few pearls at the base of your white linen curtain for that starry shimmer, cheer for your team in a jersey with you in the team’s name, paint a board game on the ignored side table or cook gourmet using an ingredients kit …so MAKE DO with your existing craft skills and DO MAKE something every now and then…

This Week’s Thing

The Purple Frog | Snakes & Ladders DIY Game Table

A 19 by 12 inches iron table turned into a game board for mindless, quickie games of Saap Seedi and Ludo. This has magnetic ‘Gotis’, a Die and a Dice Cup. We have left the legs of the table bare in case some day the imagination runs wild, there will be scope to do more.

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