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The Purple Frog once had a friend (quite like a toad too) who dreaded Punjabi weddings (a North Indian tribe that many say are like what the Irish are to the English). The Purple Frog wouldn’t know since it hasn’t hopped enough in that direction to find cultural similarities.

So this toad friend remembered entering the wedding pandal off guard, how you enter a party with a hope to enjoy a little like a guest. However, he was greeted with – oh wow, you’re here. Good. Go hit the dance floor.’ As he smiled apprehensively thinking it was a mere formal-offering-meets-polite-decline moment, he witnessed shock.

He was pulled and pushed and made to first dance before he could even realise he is in the middle of a stranger crowd of over 200. By the time, he came to his senses, it was too late. He had done his awkward dance steps which quite were like slightly-bent-knee step-touch without stretching the arms…

Before The Purple Frog moves into revealing the details of dance moves of

Many near, dear, distant, and stranger ones, it wants to take the liberty of doing so because dancing and eating are the only activities that are the closest to describing the Indian festive fare.

The Purple Frog itself isn’t

A trained dancer and has over the years seen viewers/co-dancers confused about the mismatched movement of the upper and the lower body. But, nothing stops the dancing feet even if the best they know is to hop.

The earliest memory of

A move worth copying comes from a dear relative. He would flare up his nose…widen the eyes, slightly pop out the eyeballs…spread the legs, bend slightly backwards and hop…after two hops he would run to a nearby dance spot  and do the same…this way he would cover the entire dance floor in four fast runs and turns.

Then there are those

Who have never jumped a stair in life and time just passed before the special day arrived when they have to dance because the occasion calls for. They raise the arms well…straight up in the air but can’t jump. No. Knees bent and on the spot act of jumping without any success. Only the heels go up by an inch. And now imagine such people after a drink. The same movement at the speed of 20 jumping attempts in 30 seconds.

Then a dear friend, toad-kissed-by-a-princess-turned-into-a-prince, twists, twists, twists, goes down, twist some more…the protruding ass is almost touching the floor and then spots a viewer keenly watching him. Forgets to twist and finds it hard to just get up after having gone down that much.

Then the beauties who not only know the song by heart but also the dancer’s facial expressions which can get quite expressive when the music is loud, the dance floor dark and secluded & the person blind to the reality of someone watching them live in their moment of Me-no-less-than-Beyonce/Hema Malini.

Then there are the kite fliers.

They have an invisible string in their hands and the move is happening and their kites are flying, their hands suspended freely in the air pulling that invisible string.

Once again, The Purple Frog isn’t a great dancer and has often been compared to a snake dancing to the tunes of a snake charmer or sometimes even told, that hop, hop, hop was good…lol.

On that note, wishing you happy and fun-filled festive times where you eat and dance like no one is watching…

Things This Festive Season

Compiled a festival special collection for a festive fare nearby…

The Purple Frog | Festive Fare

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