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There are a lot of laptop bags, covers, tablet sleeves and cases all over the market. However, anyone, especially a DIYer, who is passionate about making objects with knowledge of some craft, would never miss that chance to create.

So, The Purple Frog is one such person. This time the craft used was crochet. Sadly, many call it an oldie’s go-to craft, The Purple Frog enjoys hooking up with it to create something contemporary.

So couldn’t let go of the urge to create a sturdy bag for this fragile electronic data machine that weighs about 2.3 kilograms.

The questions were many.

Can a yarn-woven delicate piece hold it up well? Would taking a plunge in this direction simply prove to be a big waste of time and effort? And, can crochet even churn out something that is worth all this planning?

Putting all the doubts aside, The Purple Frog visited its yarn cupboard and took out some of the most beautiful, soft, chunky and glossy reams of yarn. The two colours picked were shades of green – one an amazon forest green and the other lime green.

They were meant to be together. So, planned the entire piece…

  1. Started with measuring the LBH of the laptop.
  2. Drew a little sketch for deciding which way to weave the colour combo. You see, the colours might just be two, but the ways of weaving them together are innumerable.
  3. Picked the Amazonian green to make one side of the laptop sleeve, using a simple stitch (single) for a tight, fitted weave.
  4. Picked the lime green to make the other side using the same simple stitch but, with some extra sides to give the cover a bag-like depth.
  5. Took about a week to get the sleeve ready. And started using it as a cover immediately since the Purple Frog is traveling.

The work ain’t over yet

To be able to carelessly carry this heavier-than-rock laptop around, this cover/laptop sleeve needs to be converted into a bag with a lining, zip and handles. So the plan is to give it two small yet sturdy leather handles and a waterproof lining that has a pocket for the charger.

By The Way

This glossy piece happened after weaving together some light-weight yarn in puffy (popcorn) stitches. Halfway through it, the Purple Frog realized that this beautiful looking piece wouldn’t be able to hold the machine, So stopped that work mid-way.

Garnered some strength to approach making a laptop bag differently…

Putting all the doubts aside, The Purple Frog visited its yarn cupboard…You know the rest of the story.

The Purple Frog | Crochet Laptop


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  1. I love the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great blog posts.

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