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Herbilicious – Mint

The Purple Frog is a huge mint fan. Those leaves are magic. From Mojitos to Mint tea, from After Eight to Mint Yogurt there is nothing that is not cherished here.

However, to use mint as an ingredient,

The Purple Frog thinks of it as something to be had a fling with – few leaves and stems here and there, a pinch of dried & crushed coarse powder or at maximum, a bunch to be mixed with something neutralizing like yogurt. Try a full-fledged affair with it in a recipe, and you need one more ingredient to balance its strong flavor that leans towards bitterness.

Yet, nothing stops The Purple Frog from using mint the right way and stretching imagination to come up with more ways to keep it around.


The Purple Frog had mint tea that instead of fresh mint straight from the planter, was made of dried, coarsely crushed leaves added at the very start with water, before all the other ingredients were added. Oh the flavor – how well it fitted with the entire set of ingredients of regular milk tea.

Another recipe is Labneh

Where dried, coarse, crushed mint leaves make for a great addition without disturbing the original personality of the dish. Well, if you are not from the middle-eastern or the Mediterranean region of our world, labneh might not be a part of your staple diet. However, if you’re a yogurt lover, it ought to become.

Sharing the recipe from the start

It makes for a great spread on flavourful multi-grain crackers.

A jar of yogurt hung for a day or more till it is consistent enough to look like a moist ball of cheese. Lightly knead it with a bit of salt and olive oil. At this stage add dried, crushed mint leaves and there you go,

Herbilicious labneh

Roll into tiny balls to add to salads or simply beat it mildly to turn into a lovely mint cheese-like spread or make one big ball to be sliced like mozzarella that can replace the cheese in a cold cheese & tomato sandwich for a low-calorie version.

For another low-calorie, flavourful recipe using mint

Put together grated cucumber, a bunch of fresh mint (crushed using mortar & pestle or blitzed in a food processor), fresh yogurt, a pinch of salt, pepper & sugar and you have a flavourful Indian Raita to go with spicy veg or even, vegan biryani ( a soy chunk, tofu based recipe that The Purple Frog will share later).

Talk Mint and

The options are innumerable. The Purple Frog will come back with some special ones that can add some pop to the arriving festive season.

Till Then, take a look at these

Things This Week

Dips & Sauces platter

To be able to accommodate two to three dips & sauces at one place…next it will go to the kiln and turn into a beautiful (hopefully) ceramic piece.

Mint-coloured mosaic work

Since the theme for this post is mint and this mosaic work is super recent here, the mint-coloured tesserae on this little folding table make for a mention.

The Purple Frog | Mosaic Table


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Mosaic II

As easy as it seemed, this recent mosaic project, an outdoor wall, left The Purple Frog disheartened.

Not all making projects leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Some leave you with an after taste of diligence wasted.

So Sharing the learning…

  1. Big mosaic art projects should be gradual since the results are hard bound with concrete and grout. For instance, this big outdoor wall project has not come out as well as The Purple Frog hoped. No matter how everyone compliments to keep your heart, a mosaic project can’t be locked in a cupboard.
  2. Here, it’s right there every time The Purple Frog hops towards the balcony. It keeps talking back…work on me, I am a disaster, set me right please…and oh you want to run away from the wall that has been wronged…
  3. Lopsided estimation of tesserae needed in the big project…OMG, how that stalls a project.
  4. The Surface – Oh that one gives nightmares when the surface is vertical and outdoors. All design dreams can fall flat.
  5. Glue rescue

The Purple Frog’s love for glues of the strong kind has just doubled and trebled after this not-so-great a project. When concrete ditches by drying up so fast and tesserae and outdoor heat don’t keep things together on that vertical giant wall, oh my god, how the glue rescues. Advanced level glues and The Purple Frog now have an extremely trustworthy relationship.

6. And Oh That Mesh

Cut that mesh into many smaller pieces to work together a big piece. The big piece by itself can be a giant to be moved and fitted on that scary vertical monster waiting to gurgle out all that’s placed on it. Concrete ditches and glue rescues, once again.

7. Ready made tesserae are better than nipping your own old porcelain (bone china) pieces. For a starter, ready made stones and glass tiles and working on them with nippers is better.

8. Last but the most important… no matter what’s the scale of one’s work, while nipping, safety goggles are more mandatory than the ‘don’t drink and drive’ sort of rules of the planet.

In Between

Many other things were made recently. Yet mosaic work, like monsoon, calls The Purple Frog out to hop and continue trying and never mind the mess. Thus, re – attempting this art form with a different approach is on the cards.

P.S. Not posting the pictures yet. There is still a corner that’s left to be touched. A paint job over white cement in colors of existing mosaic is the idea. It may create an illusion to go well with the rest of it. Amen.

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Piece by Piece

We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be…

The Purple Frog thinks that’s one feeling worth living for and the other is what Geeta Cooper feels about her love for Mosaic.

“Unlimited choices in scale, texture, reflection and spacing keep my mind racing at different levels all at once. It is engrossing, time consuming, challenging and intense, but I would not give it up for anything in the world.”

Here’s Geeta Cooper of The Mosaic Hut

Discovered this art in 2002. A self-taught skill mastered with a lot of practice and now with an impressive portfolio of designs and products.

The Purple Frog| The Mosaic Hut

She Tells

For me being an artist is who and what I am, but who I never thought I would become.

The ancient art of Mosaic has been used for thousands of years to decorate places of worship, from Roman temples to Byzantine Cathedrals and Persian mosques. Today mosaics are ubiquitous, and as beautiful and can be seen in parks, museums, hotels and homes.

Mosaics can be described as the art of decorating surfaces with designs made up of small, closely placed pieces of hard material such as tile, stone or glass.

The Purple Frog | The Mosaic Hut

Design Ideas

Inspired from my everyday life experiences; the things I see or do, the people I interact with and the places I visit…

Putting together bits of color and texture, tesserae (pieces of tile mirror, glass or similar materials) to assemble each piece requires adept skill and time. I assemble my work piece by piece, building a world to get lost in or even found in.

Find Her

She can create almost any design…

The Purple Frog|The Mosaic Hut

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