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Accidental Discoveries

There is something very charming about the two words when put together, a sort of luster that they don’t exude in isolation. Well, that in itself is an accidental discovery.

So here at The Purple Frog, exploring and making bring along a lot many surprises and realizations, most of the nature that end up giving the heart a new angle to look at the same things. And the world is not the same place again.

So a lot of experimentation and dreaming and making has been happening here and some accidental discoveries that The Purple Frog would like to share with you, even though you may already know some…

  • Plants bloom well when simply placed next to other blooming flowering plants. An almost dead plant that The Purple Frog thought will need to be cleared soon, revived back to life in two days when placed next to two blooming rose bushes…and it is flourishing now, all by itself!
  • If you paint your favourite artwork or the mantra you swear by or just anything thoughtful at the back of your entrance door, opening the door every time someone rings the bell feels different. Try.

Plus, The Purple Frog thinks that it is a great fixed canvas in the house that can be played with all your life…

Here, it was a DIY effort. However, professional artists can do wonders with bringing your favourite painting or song or movie or person or even your gone-dog, to life.

The Purple Frog | Entrance & Cupboard Doors

  •  Instead of adding plain water or stock to your gravies, adding a tbsp. or two of any tetra-packed juice enhances the aroma without changing the taste.

The Purple Frog|Kitchen & Food

  •  Then, if you’re a coffee lover, little coffee powder on the moist finger and simply licking it once in a while gives that harmless high that coffee gives…
  •  And of course, last but not the least, threads are the new paints in the world here. And the revival of the art forms, crochet and embroidery that grandma sowed the seeds of, is happening here.

And since, she always said, be how the times are, instead of rugs and sheets, the objects are bags, belts and bikinis. So thread market like feather market is kinda disappointing. Guess more exploration is needed.

Well, not all accidental discoveries are happy surprises. Some slightly harsh ones that wilted the heart here were:

Iss duniya mein koi kisi ka nai hota…Mumbai hai bhai, sab apna apna dekho and kuch bhi ho, Tujhko chalna hoga, tujhko chalna hoga…lol

Here are some pictures of the work happening here. Wish you lots of inspiration and love to create and share.

P.S. The Purple Frog is getting serious about a marketplace venture. Let’s hope it is able to announce it and bring it out soon this year!

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Letting the Sun in

Clarity is orgasmic. Here it happened when The Purple Frog got to know that its cherry tomatoes are going to procreate sometime in April and they won’t even die before that. They will flourish this winter and breed once the weather starts to become warmer. They are flourishing, indeed.

This clarity was given by Sriram of My Sunny Balcony and he assures and reassures many amateur gardeners every day.

Because that’s what he and his three partners, Reena, Shailesh and Athreya (all very young) have vowed to give back to Bangalore…its gardening culture.

What do they do at My Sunny Balcony

They set up green corners. In the lil lil balconies of Bangalore and in many bigger spaces too. They get everything made from the local craftsmen and design-wise the idea is to take a break from the traditional bells and gods and that done-to-death pure Indian ethnic outdoor décor.

The Purple Frog | My Sunny Balcony  | Gardening

That resonates with The Purple Frog.

End-to-End Gardening Solutions

That’s some jargon…in your face you Dilberts. Lol

MSB gives a long plant care manual along with all this. Yet, when the plants die in the hands of newbies, Sriram again assures, some plants will always die even in the hands of experts.

 So what to do?

Turn this wow-sounding, glamorous interest into a real passion. Accept its murk and get your hands dirty and do it and do it and do it again and again in different ways. And someday when you will look back, you will notice, you’ve come a long way : )

Green Up

MSB travels. They have an online store, shops, Facebook presence and everything else that makes them approachable. So reach them.

The Purple Frog |My Sunny Balcony |Gardening Products


It’s not landscaping with highly evolved decorators where you need to plan out of life savings. It’s not even a hire-a-Maali and paint-your-pots kind of incomplete experience.

The Purple Frog Verdict

It’s personal. It’s raw enough for personalisation too. You can imagine, go through books, mix and match, call MSB, dirty your own hands and rightfully claim Made-It-Myself : )

What Next

There is a very interesting, kinda scientific DIY Self-Watering Pot, the steps for which have been shared by My Sunny Balcony. It is apt for frequently traveling gardeners and even has decoupage to it. So watch this space for that.

Thing This Week

Chalkboard paint made with black acrylic colour and grout (desi choona…lol). Painted it over an empty pot. Sriram insists that people must learn to grow their own food. Mumbai is great for spinach, he tells.

The Purple Frog is second only to Popeye in its love for spinach. Mint is first love. So this pot here has a fragrant, minty future.

The Purple Frog | Chalkboard paint Planter

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