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Comfort Delights

An article titled ‘The Best Children’s Books of 2015’ by Maria Popova on started out with a disclaimer or a justification of sorts for a simple feeling of enjoying certain book types. Maybe because it defies the kind of taste and maturity people must display as they grow up and age.

It quoted some of the more ‘listened to’ people for sending out vibes of approval in the air. Lol.

Like J.R.R. Tolkien vehemently asserting that there is no such thing as writing “for children” and C.S. Lewis cautioning against treating children as a different species and so on and so forth.

Well, she certainly seemed to have enjoyed reading all of them and the choice of graphics is lovely too.

The article got The Purple Frog to (unapologetically) go back to the classic that is an all-time favourite, The Little Prince. Yes, the name is that and just the name of this little-above-100-pages book does get many to raise a brow and ask, “Really? How old, how naïve are you? You think life is that simple?”

Well, yes (to all Fountain like D…headians), everything seems simple when Chapter Twenty One appears. The book is comforting like that big, chunky bite of slightly melted Hot Chocolate Fudge. Just a few lines cause cosmic peace and halt brain cell degeneration till the D…headians appear again.

And next time someone reacts to the name, The Little Prince, instead of engaging in prevalent age-appropriate talks and gestures, name-dropping is what The Purple Frog is going to try…Like you know…in one of his interviews, Leonardo kept saying that all through the Aviator shoot, he was thinking of the airplane from The Little Prince. You must try reading between the lines in this book. It’s deep. Dicaprio couldn’t get over it.

Let the jerk look for the interview on You Tube all his life…Lol.

So welcoming the New Year by raising a toast to comfort delights, drooling and childishhh twists in real life stories…Lol

Hot Chocolate fudge To Die For

Thing This Week

To your dismay, not the fudge above…Lol

Cream of Spinach Soup without any cream or cheese

One tbsp butter, one pack of spinach, lots of garlic, little starch (corn or all-purpose flour) and about a cup of milk…needless to say, salt & pepper to taste!

Truly comforting since neither taste nor weight has been compromised with… Accompanied this with some comforting words from The Little Prince.

Cream of Spinach Soup | The Purple Frog

P.S. They’ve recently adapted the book into a movie and like always, adapted movies are never enough and unwittingly, leave the book isolated and apologetic : (


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Authentically Yours

Dogs don’t talk. Not a revelation. I know. However, it is the easiest to communicate to them. It’s the purity of even a minute of interaction that makes you belong to them. That innate truthfulness, that instant real reaction makes you fall for them.
They are Authentically Yours and with the number of times they approach you in a day, so hoping to be Frequently Yours.

So ‘authentic’ is the experience that is most beloved to The Purple Frog. Unadulterated. How we would have done it if we were the first humans. lol. That’s such a thrilling thought.

So for the untimely sweet cravings, try authentic. MAKE something in your own kitchen. I found my solution in these Besan Ke Ladoo with just three lead ingredients and two tablespoons milk. Authentic to the core, no angrezi raisins or dry fruits. Just Besan, Sugar and Desi Ghee.
Find your solution and stuff it in the fridge. Also, do The Purple Frog a favour, if it’s YOUR craving, cater to it yourself! Don’t ask the perfected-at-the-art-of-cooking-hands to do it for you. DIY.

Although sweets are not good for dogs, I think a bite or two won’t harm. I gave him some tidbits and his reaction is right here on a coaster dedicated to him!

The Purple Frog | Besan Ke Ladoo Authentically Yours

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Tag Me: I’m Art

For me, sometimes it is hard to identify and distinguish certain art forms from others. The more you meet the creators and curators of art, the gap between what pleases your eyes and what is appreciated by the tasteful, kinda widens.

Now the art form KITSCH world over is considered tacky and cheesy especially by the modern artists. In fact, it is inspired from a German word that means to cheapen. However, there are slightly accepted forms of kitsch called Pre-emptive kitsch and Meta kitsch through which popular artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Allen Jones (who have a certain artistic style that can easily be disregarded by the modern artists) have tried to fit in. They have adopted kitsch and pulled it off deliberately instead of even trying to create what the tasteful like. Try checking out the works of these artists to understand the kind of explicit display & style (for many it falls in the vulgarity zone) kitsch talks about.

World over, now for ease, it is all termed as Pop Art.

The Purple Frog | Meta Kitsch Pop Art

In our country, kitsch has somehow taken the form of pop art style and colours that are bold and mostly drawn from Bollywood and the real Indian streets. Our sense of kitsch, I don’t think, will in any recent time go to create works similar to Jeff Koons, the kind of work he has pulled off with Lady Gaga. Well, to me, his work is not chic but it is not kitsch too…it’s playful…lol

New Things

This time here at The Purple Frog, there is a coffee jar turned into a flower vase, a tea lover’s Bollywood-style-confession Coaster and our own version of a Playful kitsch Do Not Disturb door tag.

The Purple Frog | India Bollywood Kitsch | Flower Vase Coaster Room Tag

So it’s festival time and if you, like me, you do not know how to feel special on special occasions, try making cool things.

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