Authentically Yours

Dogs don’t talk. Not a revelation. I know. However, it is the easiest to communicate to them. It’s the purity of even a minute of interaction that makes you belong to them. That innate truthfulness, that instant real reaction makes you fall for them.
They are Authentically Yours and with the number of times they approach you in a day, so hoping to be Frequently Yours.

So ‘authentic’ is the experience that is most beloved to The Purple Frog. Unadulterated. How we would have done it if we were the first humans. lol. That’s such a thrilling thought.

So for the untimely sweet cravings, try authentic. MAKE something in your own kitchen. I found my solution in these Besan Ke Ladoo with just three lead ingredients and two tablespoons milk. Authentic to the core, no angrezi raisins or dry fruits. Just Besan, Sugar and Desi Ghee.
Find your solution and stuff it in the fridge. Also, do The Purple Frog a favour, if it’s YOUR craving, cater to it yourself! Don’t ask the perfected-at-the-art-of-cooking-hands to do it for you. DIY.

Although sweets are not good for dogs, I think a bite or two won’t harm. I gave him some tidbits and his reaction is right here on a coaster dedicated to him!

The Purple Frog | Besan Ke Ladoo Authentically Yours

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