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To Each, His Own

Years back,

While hopping over magazines and articles, The Purple Frog read a cover story in the TIME magazine. It was about American youngsters in their late twenties and how they were nothing like what they should be like.

And the story concluded that the early or mid-thirties is the new age bracket for becoming independent and doing all things considered grown-up etc.

Well, that’s America that has the Statue of Liberty so they candidly wrote an account and tried understanding the phenomenon.

Many nations of the world use terms like Peter Pan Syndrome. Some often choose the outcast way of doing things as their ancestors have been doing.

However, when The Purple Frog found itself in a similar situation, it was thankful for the knowledge that it is not the first time. So far it has beautifully handled the attacks from the so-called/self-proclaimed mature, responsible, grown-up population too.

At the same time, it understands that there is no debate here.

Having seen different material lives in this industrially-revolutionised world, some of us are going to be more easy-going than the others or vice-versa.

So how to allow for a candid co-existence

How to move ahead when you find yourself stuck in a situation of having easily found the basic comforts with little or no desire to really accumulate more wealth because, at the end of the day, there is just so much you need.

Well, personal experience says, horizontal growth.

And that’s what a generation of very well-raised (often termed as brats) can give back to this world.

So what to do with that excess time and energy since amassing objects doesn’t take you anywhere rather close to disillusionment.

The Purple Frog thinks

The engineers can stick to engineering and not be afraid of those who only like to manage. Creative colleges and fields can share more how-tos. Lastly, instead of watching the game of others in the name of entertainment, we try to keep ourselves entertained with some physical action of our own.


The Make Shop is The Purple Frog’s way of going about things horizontally. And while it is doing so, it is thinking, did Edward De Bono mean this when he wrote Lateral Thinking.

Like a late bloomer, it never understood what that book was yelling to get some attention!


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