Wander Diaries – Bali III, Art

“What is about Indonesia, I don’t know, but, art and aesthetic are a part of life here. Someone, somewhere in the family – then or now – practices art in someway or the other,” quipped Kelly of an art gallery that is seamlessly blended with the Seminyak shopping scene.

An extensive collection of works at The Yellow Brick Road Gallery, Seminyak, Bali

She is from London but her relatively new gallery houses works by artists from different parts of Indonesia. It was difficult to not notice the works and enter the gallery. Pleasantly, it’s just one of the many stores and galleries that make art as much a part of the city experience as designer wear, multi-cuisine dining and luxe hospitality.

Artist at work in his studio/store/gallery spotted during a stroll in the beach city

Yes, culturally refined and meticulous in mannerisms, the tourism-dependent city definitely does it in style. Many expats have set up galleries and hi-end stores by simply bringing their touch of minimalism to an already beautiful, charming setting.

And how’s it charming, one of the features that one can’t help but notice, intricate doors, enchanting entrances and facades. Even hand-painted wall art is quite a regular feature at cafes and bars.

Here are some that The Purple Frog clicked during street hopping. For more images, follow on Instagram @thepurplefrog1

An American expat’s sliding door made of old Javanese doors
A villa entrance that looks old, charming and well-aged
A traditional facade wall in gold that glistens during sunset
Just another sculpted entrance
Wall art in a cafe called Kasava
Wall art at a bar
At a cafe
Intricate, embellished traditional doors with an impressive Balinese ‘mask’ facade

Coming up next…

A workshop in the traditional, colourful fabric art, Batik, may be on the cards for The Purple Frog here in Ubud. A 3 – hour play with colours on a pattern of your choice may just be one of the arty high-points of this trip. Watch out this space for more updates from Ubud, the art haven of Bali.

Some images from Ubud taken during the last trip in February, 2019

Thing This Week

In the meantime, this week The Purple Frog got a bit itchy since there was not much material like clay to play with…made this doily in lavender.

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