The Trouble With ____ Is

Kelly Clarkson’s song – The Trouble With Love – can become a headline for many articles and posts. Try it. Simply replace the word Love with whatever is irreplaceable in  your life.

Here at The Purple Frog, the blank can be filled with ‘A Talking Heart’…

The Trouble With A Talking Heart Is

It can lead you on a way that initially feels like you have gone astray…

Saying it poetically doesn’t take away the numbness you can feel in the knees that happens when you chase a feeling.

But the tickling in the toes, every now and then, definitely tells you, what else you are going to do if not chase this feeling…

Other troubles are 

  • A lack of labels and a lack of role models.

Both are not important to your Talking Heart. Labels can range from maverick to bored lunatic based on how engrossed you are in your undefined pursuit

As far as the role models go, a Talking Heart admires but hardly follows…So, no role models.

  • A Talking Heart often likes to beat the sense of time and that focus-on-one-thing too which are sure to lead someplace known. Get a little late for the party and A Talking Heart lands you in troubles your Talking Heart itself doesn’t know how to deal with…lol.

It just knows

How to beat faster when the toes tickle and guess what, once you start listening to your Talking Heart and trusting it…the tickling becomes frequent and it all feels like a big party.

Eventually, hopefully, the bills get paid too…lol.

And The Purple Frog is sure, even, Kelly Clarkson would agree that the troubles of A Talking Heart are far more bearable than the troubles of love…

Thing This Week

 Wall Work with pencils

The Purple Frog | A Talking Heart | Serendipity

Used a textured multi- hued pencil & a charcoal one

The Purple Frog | Wall Work Pencils

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It’s all about glues & blues

From craft making to home making, glues, adhesives and gums are used extensively. And those who actively engage in making would know there is no worse feeling than getting to know that the company has stopped manufacturing it and are selling another version of it. It is heartbreaking and so many thoughts like: why, what was wrong with it, it was perfect, I should have bought a dozen etc etc cloud your head.

Apart from strength,

The reasons for a glue to become your favourite could be how easily it comes off your hands, how it smells and something as stupid as, how your fingers stick together to never part without intervention…As much as it is fun, at a subconscious level, you start to believe in the strength of such glues.

The Project Factor

Of course, the Fevi family glues we use for craft work, who doesn’t enjoy hours of peeling the layers off the hands. But then, Fevicol is like a childhood buddy – a fond partner and always available. However, you need the expert sticky solutions as the projects turn complex and the end-products need to withstand all the treacheries of nature.

This is not a product review post.

Just some observations from years of making and some viewpoints of other makers about which one they love to work with and why…

  1. So Fevicol is it. And Fevibond is better, stronger. But the moment, paper becomes even a tiny piece of thread, you need to look around. Switching to the Fabric Glue can be helpful.
  2. The Fabric Glue…goes a long way, really long. But, if exposure to the water element is the fate of your end-product, switch to Fevikwik. This one falls in the category of great strength, non-smelly, playful category. This is the one where your fingers stick together before you realize it. It is so quick at drying and sticking that it doesn’t give you much time to re-do anything…
  3. Some children even said, “This is the glue for grown-ups.” They insisted on sticking to their Fevicol tubes.
  4. The Araldite type: A project must involve complex materials for bringing out the true strength of this adhesive. Its name has that Schwarzenegger kinda sturdiness which obviously keeps the faint-hearted away. In home settings, the smell keeps the pet away for the time you are working with it. The hardener and the resin mix from the two tubes has to be of a certain consistency else it doesn’t work. The Purple Frog didn’t form a great bond with it. However, home-making experts spotted at a hardware store swore by it.
  5. The winner here at The Purple Frog so far is this Silicone RTV kinda glue (Pidibond/Silicone are the names of products used here). The Purple Frog can go on and on about how-it-wows. No smell, no mixing guidelines to be followed, non-cumbersome, non-lumpy, clear, just-in-time drying that gives ample time to adjust your work, works well with slippery materials like glass & mirror. All this and it perfectly sticks. Treacheries of nature and not-so-gentle care also keep the stickiness going…love it.

Thing this week

Up-cycled a jar with mirrors. Tried many types of glue. Silicone RTV came to rescue; however, there was an older version of it, that wasn’t available at the store. Still miss it. It was better. Such is the love for the perfect glue. It just lingers…

The Purple Frog | Sherlock Jar

Called the Sherlock Jar, it is available at The Purple Frog Store.

Click here, to get that.

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