Swinging on a shoestring

When you know more of what you don’t want than what you want, it is just a hard life. Lol

So knowing what all food is boring and heavy and expensive and deceptive and glam but non-filling, The Purple Frog tried to play with the ingredients and customize some recipes to its taste and the primary criterion was to keep it within $1 or INR 100.

Frugal Luxuries is the name given here.

Here’s a small guide to create your own exotic little world of frugal luxuries.

Step 1: Browse through ingredients never tried in your kitchen before. That too that cost really low. Lol.

So either straight away pick the cheapest greens or just buy those ‘expiring- buy-one-get-four-free’ items.

And really, who wants to be left on the shelf. Be charitable. Help the ingredient, nurture its baggage and save the planet.

Step 2: Ingredients that you are very comfortable eating in any form.

Step 3: Exotic ingredients from local producers. They are very cost effective and give you something new to appreciate and of course, encourage local production of great inventions!

Some ingredients picked here were:

Step 1 Type

Raw Papaya – so much for so little money. Very satisfying a feeling for any homemaker.

Amazing selection of breads that are really wanted in the mornings of their lives and by dusk, the baker wants to get rid of them, so sells them cheap.

And it’s true that we all have eaten bread that has been in that fridge for more than a week. Some of us have even gone to the extent of scraping the light green growth and going on with it in hours of extreme hunger and non-availability of anything better.

So look for loaves from some baker who won’t value that exotic stuff after 7 pm.

Step 2 Type

The comfort ingredients: Eggs and all-purpose flour and vermicelli and cucumber and mint and lemon and basic meat

Step 3 Type

Gouda Cheese: Of a local brand

ALL Things created were Happy Accidents

  • Lemon Mint Omelette with Lemon Mint Bread. For the bread mixed the mint with lemon and slight butter, applied on the bread and pan-heated it. Wonderful flavours…
  • Omelette style Pancake without the syrups. Salt and sugar in the batter of egg and all-purpose flour. For extra sweet and savoury bit, jam and butter topping feels luscious.
  • Simple gouda – cucumber sandwich with little meat

The Purple Frog | $1 Recipes


  • Two absolutely different kinds of Raw Papaya Salads: One with Thai flavours and style of Som Tam salad and one with South Indian flavours and style.

The Purple Frog |$1 Recipes | Raw Papaya


  • Typical Indian style chicken gravy with extra tomatoes and water to make it a soupy delight.

The Purple Frog|$1 Recipes|Tomato Chicken Soup


  • Diet Noodling – Vermicelli with cucumber (instead of potatoes) and little meat topping

The Purple Frog| $1 Recipes| Vermicelli

P.S. Eating meat isn’t something The Purple Frog encourages. It is only eaten in amounts necessary to give strength to the bones and to make up for the lack of good vegetarian substitutes…

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