Origami Pleasures

Actions speak louder than words. We have all heard that. But some oriental beings through YouTube videos have just gone out of their ways to prove that about origami, the art of paper folding, and The Purple Frog is thankful.


Because origami through written instructions can be a nightmare since the ‘code cracking’ process takes away the magic part from this paper art completely. What can be a quickie like creative experience turns into this gigantic, frustrating, is-it-even-for-me experience for many…

For so many of us making anything beyond paper planes and boats is hard…

God bless the silent, wordless musical videos that teach you in minutes what you couldn’t ever do with those long steps-to-follow inserts in origami kits and books.

A gentle reminder of the torture happened when The Purple Frog chanced upon (or the forces did that on purpose) the Origami section at a bookstore recently.

Origami Book Steps|The Purple Frog

Let’s be thankful for the silent videos and,

Next time someone is making you wait for too long or your little niece demands some new trick, just grab a piece of paper and do the magic…

Thing This Week


A Box that’s rousing feelings that a Tiffany box may rouse in many, a Pocket Journal and a Trash Bin for the work table…

Origami|Paper Box| The Purple Frog

Origami Pocket Journal

Origami Trash Bin

P.S. With the ease these videos offer, making these tiny pieces can turn into an addiction of sorts. However, forgetting how to do it without the video is as easy too.

Just how the pleasures of a quickie happen only after you have taken a lot of long shots and understood your resource, origami pleasures ask for the same hard work too. Lol.

You may want to take a look at this interesting work 

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Lady Luck

Modern Family is fun. The TV show. Lol. The real ones may not be equally cool and communicative to ever make you feel modern enough…

Well as long as the kitchen and the resources are in place and everyone has something to do, other things can be put up with.

Fun, work, finances and basic meals don’t give enough time to pull off traditional delicacies in household kitchens. But amazing hardworking women of the previous generation did that very well. They balanced work with lots of fresh cooking and home care.

There obviously was never enough leisure, easy time to experiment and create new recipes or crafts with sewing needles and machines, how the generations before them did!

Now food related creativity happens in Heston’s lab and rest all the fun stuff is in design factories, newsrooms and big big stores.

Since that’s where all the action is, women clearly have to step out and The Purple Frog thinks this BALANCE theory needs to be put to an end.

Because BALANCING isn’t a virtue. One primary role, then everything else is over and above and needs to be balanced with. What’s the need to get so tired…except love nothing explains such hard work.

What’s the Solution

Ideally, it is time to give men a chance to prove their love. Now that there aren’t businesses to be inherited, men should inherit their mom’s kitchens and household work since they best know the house and the prevailing lifestyle of their casas.

Physically also, they are the stronger species and they need action. That’s why sports happened. So this physical action is only apt for them to take over.

Then get a lady home, run a stimulating show and she eats whatever the family eats. Then live happily ever after as both step out to get a good life home.
Or women can sign a pre-nup, feel secure and carry the traditions forward. Or they change the primary role and guiltlessly be the slug of the house (role reversal though is repeating the same mistake…)

Disclaimer for women: If dad is still the man of your life, be kind. See if you can do both if he needs it. lol

Thing This Week 

Sweet Appams or Yereyappa 

From the traditional kitchen of one amazing woman who balanced it all so well.

The aromas of freshly grated coconut and chutneys, evening prayers, her spick and span house, beautifully draped silk saris, strong work ethic, rose water & glycerin beauty ritual and a very soft demeanour are still on The Purple Frog’s mind.

This one is a traditional delicacy she prepared every Diwali.

Traditional kitchen |Recipe Sweet Appams|The Purple Frog

Here it was made with

Soaked rice (4-5 hours), grated jaggery, soaked poha (20 minutes) and coconut. Somehow warm banana muffins always reminded of her appams, so added a banana and yes, it was that special flavour. These are not anywhere close to what she made, but these taste amazing too.

Instead of satiating the midnight sweet craving, these accompany the morning cold coffee well.

Other Things
Lots of materials are being tested here to see which way they can be best worked with. Some good, some average results. But lessons about the materials make the trials worth all the effort…always.

Traditional Kitchen|Cherry Tomatoes|Paper Wind Chime|The Purple Frog|

What’s Next
Some interesting cherry tomato recipe since they’ve arrived sooner than expected.

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