Amar Chitra Katha

Found this chunky edition in the book shelf. Needed pictures for some comic book decoupage… Ended up reading a few stories and bam.


Who is deva, who is asura, it’s so hard to say. Both want the same thing. When calm prevails in their estates, both sit on hot seats and watch women dance and frolic. But when Asuras want something, it is greed. When devas want something, it is tapasya. Lol.

For Instance

In the Samudra Manthan – Churning of the Ocean story, Devas befriend asuras for physical power to churn the ocean and then somehow not let them drink anything from the matki as part of the plan. That’s like starting the war. And throughout, that Indra is smirking, slyly doing things and what not…

These Devas

Once all job was done, to distract asuras, one of them just turned into a pretty girl. And the fat, horny people that asuras are, they couldn’t decide the girl or the matki. Both. Obviously!

So went for the girl first and shock happened. That’s Devas for you.

And asuras are all stunned as their heads are being severed and are thinking – our guy said, now onwards peace and we all are friends. Betrayal. Lol.

In one of the stories

The asura girl turned into a temptress and danced in front of a meditating sage to be his wife and have deva-asura breed of strong children. And the sage wakes up with her dance moves and says how can I refuse you NOBLE maiden…Lol.

 In another story

First the girl fasts and fasts for the world’s most angry guy. He is all nice but has an eye that can open if something seems wrong to him and destroy you. You will be scared to death to tell him anything. What may broil him up? Who knows? But she still wants him. Gets him. Then her father can’t stand the daughter being so much in love with an ALPHA male, so tries to show them their place.

The script when the dad is planning to host the world’s biggest yagna party and not invite the couple…it is hilarious.

The Shraap

And, just about any action can get you a Shraap, a curse that can’t be pulled back. Upon pleading, mercy, mercy…usually it can be reversed, IF…

 The illusion of IF

If 500 years later, a straight man dressed in hot pink touches you with the left foot while walking in this jungle barefoot, you will be a human body again.

Maybe, Indian mythology needs to be scripted differently. Won’t the Devas be talking something else? Are children reading these? Oops… it was on my bookshelf.

How about Wonder Woman. Lone ranger with a fine silk-like Lasso of Truth for whoever messes. A fine tongue is a good substitute. Lol. Else she is all cool and chills with the Wonder Man in the countryside.

Countryside…hmmm… Thane for Mumbai, Gurgaon for Delhi, Pondicherry for Chennai, Coorg for Bangalore…Kharagpur for Calcutta. Hmmm.

Thing This Week

Comic Book Decoupage

PVC pipes are a great way of creating objects of utility. Too much stationery and craft supplies occupied all space on the table. So comic book decoupage on unused pieces at home. Now a colourful stand to hold stuff : )

Decoupage is a very cool way of permanently adding images and colour to any surface. Modge Podge is all you need.

Next – It’s Experiment Time

Watch for something The Purple Frog has been waiting for. Because it got a special print tool made just to be able to DIY @ home what the next week’s featured MAKER makes in her studio and then the mill…overjoyed.

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Hello December

The Purple Frog loves December. One moment it is a reminder of twinkling lights, the crackle sound of paper, loitering around, arm wrestling, pebble kicking, freaky faces, blowing bubbles, unstoppable laughter and just goofing around.

Another minute it is a reflective, gloomy, cold evening where you just want to rush home no matter where you are sitting.

Home is sacred. But it is not where. It is who. Lol. Here is to goofy home times this December. Go wild, Go tribal.

Thing This Week

A Native American headdress

This war bonnet has a lot of cultural meaning to it. Read wiki for that.

The Purple Frog has gone all non-authentic and fake on this one. Just how we have reduced Dream Catchers to store décor. Lol. Plus, the understanding and supply of feathers among shopkeepers here is mind numbing and heart wilting. Lol.

So guiltlessly wore this homemade version and moved around with the oomph & attitude of a tribal warrior.

The Purple Frog | DIY Tribal Warrior Headdress

It is not easy to pull it off. It’s enormous effort. More can still be done with it. Though, each bit is worth it…

So go ahead and try making one for the deity you call home.

In the background today

A very fat, pretty woman (suggests lazy or no self-control or mom’s kitchen or hyperactivity) is hosting a discussion show on BBC World News – #100WOMENDEBATE – Does appearance matter? Does Beauty equal success? So on and so forth…

Does that even need a debate? Looking beautiful is effort. Those who look good (men or women) pay attention to it. And like all disciplined efforts, it NEEDS to be recognised. And like all things, effort in just one area is never enough to take you ahead…what’s the debate here?

This fat lady host here I’m sure knows that choosing the taste of éclairs pastry in the middle of the night will lead to compromises in the taste of compliments and first-impressions and attention and more such things.

Let’s not live in denial or bring feminism here. We all know both the tastes feel good on the palate. One is the cost of another. We make a choice.

And by stirring this debate among beautiful women, who have obviously worked less on mind games because a lot of their time goes in paying attention to fashion and make up and work out (which is awesome), she is trying to create a world where everyone is blindly eating in the name of confidence and high self-esteem or what not.

Instead introduce effort in the world of men too. Get them to say… It’s Me or Maybelline. Lol.

What she needs to do from the powerful place where she is sitting – invite men too for such debates and ensure that women at 45 flirt around or give a fishy look when they see a hot 30-year-old pass by as they walk with their sagging, ageing husbands.

That’s the stuff women need. Ability to mischief and smile and get over with things by saying baby, I’m so sorry. He meant nothing baby. You have temper issues. You need medication. Come, my love, let’s go home, children are waiting for you to cook us a meal…Lol

That’s when the unrest will start to reduce not when the idea of beautification is eroded from the world.

Because that will mean we should say no to the beautiful night sky and oceans and birds and pretty puppies, babies and all things beautiful…

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