Pet Woes – Contd.

Well, the incidents of the previous post repeated exactly the same way, this time by the so-believed ‘superior gender’ and higher social rank holders with the claim to fame being talking about society welfare apart from ageing at the same residence and workstation for several years.  Obviously, not to forget the number of years spent on the planet – at least 20-30 more years. So the underlying intention…do as we say.

Now The Purple Frog thinks things have gotten personal here.

Exactly how it gets in situations where some egoist grown-ups expect just a simple bow-now or request-as-a-favor-what-we-know-is-your-basic-right.

Why The Purple Frog thinks so

A few minutes after the entire repeat episode – ‘Our-Shit-Doesn’t-Stink’, ‘Wild Scary Stray’s Shit Doesn’t Stink’, ‘Our Friend’s Pet’s Shit Doesn’t Stink’…But you who looks new and unruly through our perception lenses ‘Your pet’s shit stinks foul’ – the friend’s pet and wild strays were roaming about the places freely.

Sad Part

The Purple Frog doesn’t want to take this matter up anymore because six more ( 5strays + 1 pet ) will suffer if it picks up any further argument. It is evident that to these several years older ones, it doesn’t really matter what happens to the planet…but their egos must be fed.

Even Sadder Part

The Purple Frog will not ever explain these arguments to them in person because it is a super wastage of time, effort and dignity.

However, it knows that such people need just one shout-out from a person higher up than their social ranks and they will suddenly, understand it all or rather acknowledge in feeble voices that they were being jerks on purpose.

For now, The Purple Frog is going to wait for some compassionate, kind soul of able rank to read this and solve Pet Woes once and for all. The start could be at least one pet park among several of those for humans in an area…

But the mention of a pervasive Solution and not just Creation Of Problems…

Thing This Week

Nevermind the delay in the arrival of winters in the The Northern Hemisphere. The chilly mornings are assuredly signalling – ‘The Winter is Coming’…

So, working on a warm woollen for the little pet here that brings oodles of warmth to the heart here.

The Purple Frog | Pet Woes

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Pet Woes

Hey you…hey…excuse me…hello…helloooo….are you deaf…oh, God…are you new here….are you deaf…oh, you deaf one. Oh, you 20 years younger one…hey you…don’t walk your dog on the pavement. Do it on the grassy patch.

Hey you…child…don’t walk your dog in the park.

Hey you…don’t walk your dog in this enclosure of houses. Go outside the gated community.

Hey you…go inside your gated community…this is the main street.

Hey you…Is that a dog you are walking…

And many more (about 50+ in 3 days of moving into an old house) suggestions on where not to walk your dog…Maybe next, they will not be ashamed of suggesting where to bury him if he dies of not answering the nature’s calls.

The dirty park where children burn crackers (an activity as questionable as walking a dog in a city)…The dirty society where 5-6 strays roam around and shit all over the place…no one knows where to where from…

But, a nomadic-by-nature pet animal walking around in the most guarded way so as not to offend the passersby, gets commented by a lady dressed in the most non-stylish morning walk clothes. Well, if a dog can’t walk on concrete…then you can’t wear track pants with the traditional Indian Kurta and sloppy slippers and an unmatched Dupatta and scratch your unwashed head and tell this park is only for the beauties i.e. the humans.

Anyhow, the part above was only a defensive comeback roused by some of those who own the world more because they landed here some years before or at a better home. Name calling and similar ways of doing things was perhaps their style of doing things…People often forget, we are still a nation that has a slum next to every high-priced society and both live off each other all the time…

From people to strays to pets…the question is not who owns the planet more…the question is how you assert and impose your style of doing things and your values without thinking twice. Maybe, that’s the reason why some neighbourhoods, some colonies, some cities are called shanty and some posh…some properties hot and some not…

Thing This Week

Preachy Message:

A little sensitivity along with a lot of thinking before uttering words of attack can go a long, long way for a candid co-existence…

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The Distant Love

As we grow older and apart, the relationships call for breathing space so that individuals can choose where to get closer and where to keep distance.

‘Loving from a distance’ is what a friend often told The purple Frog works for some relationships where gaps in mindsets are wide. Individuality and individual choices take a hit if life has too many compromises. All of it shows in the bad quality of life.

And then you think what is a bad quality life – well, where you do things you know you wouldn’t otherwise do (if you know what you want)…else you would continue to be unkind and harsh and hard or even, extra-polite at places where you don’t need to be all of that.

The Distant Love with some you are born with allows for going closer to people and places that you can love when they are closer to you. And The Purple Frog thinks that is Destiny…

How do you deal with those who hold you back in the name of relationship tags or role descriptions… Who think they own you. Those who don’t need you but want you. Often guilt you when you demand distance to be able to love them.

Well, ideally just a conversation should do.

But, some people can’t deal with not wanting to be lived with and then, they play games. And then, it gets tricky. Because your realisation of no love there becomes even clearer and the desire for distance goes up. The hearts are already distant in such settings. The need is only to walk away. And when walking away is made harder, that’s when FIGHT of all sorts happen.

Hearts grow even more distant and one realises, it is no more possible to love since it is only the distance that exists. The ones who don’t let go try to hold you back often with money and objects because that’s all that they have got. And if you refuse, exert power.

Nelly Furtado might have meant to encourage people with ‘Say what you want’.  Unfortunately, those who exert power seem to have taken to that. They say and do what they want and cause delirium of the type that’s unfathomable.

If only, ‘Loving from a Distance’ was allowed for in the beginning and some people were not so empty that they needed to kill the spirit of somebody to fill their own egos and senses.

Thing This Week

Pet Rights in the civilised world where the wild ones are allowed because they are scary and the pet polite. So rights for the sweet.

One more thing…haven’t plants and animals lived together as mute beings forever on this planet. Animal excreta is the plant’s nurturing protein of sorts. Then who are we humans to break that relationship.

And if we own an animal or a plant, do we not just hope that none of them is destroyed. How can I love my plant more than that pet and vice-versa… Nature made them for harmonious co-existence. Once again…humans own each and problems begin. Animals will sniff each plant and do their bit. The plant will continue to wash itself off when it rains. So why not keep both (the pets) indoors and give sunlight when it needs for protection rather than saying my being is more important.

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