Happy Children’s Day

It’s an important day today. Children’s Day, by far, is the most relevant occasion that has been passed on to us. At whatever age or place we are in, two things we all can think of on this day…

— Raising a human life, is it even my cup of tea?

— If I have one in my hands, am I subjecting my child to be me or my idea of perfect?

For the first one, if the answer is no. That’s honesty.

If the answer is yes, definitely you are better than many. So just a thought – how about making someone else’s mistake right. Bringing home who has already come to the world. Obviously, it’s a hard irreversible tabooed choice that can change your life dramatically. Yet, for someone who is confident of raising a human life, may be the next distance that can be thought about being covered is to make such a choice.

So what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have done ain’t a branding tactic. They have made it big. They can afford raising many children. How many who can afford have the heart to do it! Even if, deep inside, their biological children hold a dearer place, they are giving home care, education, family time, warmth and their wealth. All of this is better than that child having got none of it ever at all. Heartwarming : )

And for the second question, just being able to face that question is enough. Lol.

Thing for the day

Favourite childhood memory is wearing lotsa bangles, chunky chan-chan payals, with a dupatta clad like a sari. Two favourite girls are named Desire and they love bangles. Keeping them in mind, that’s the thing today.

The Purple Frog | DIY Bangle

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It is not outside. It’s within. Not so clean and clear on the surface. But as more time is spent thinking and staring within, it starts to become clear. Like vaccum cleaner spick and span. The good part is one can only see within self and show or hide the findings based on your audience type. Unfortunate part is that the audience may have dust-loaded mirrors of their own. So they see you and not themselves. That’s when games begin and playfulness gets lost.

And that’s where, The Purple Frog thinks, creating helps.

Let’s create and play a bit with mirrors. The ones on the outside, in front of which you can make faces, act funny, sexy, or even go all voyeuristic. Lol.

Mirrors are a great way of doing up a space. Apart from adding that fourth dimension, playing with the frame makes it a non-expensive way of adding character to any place that has a bit of your heart in it.

Here are a few pics of a lovely resort in Masai Mara that used mirrors with a touch of tribal. I think, it’s exoticaaaaaa

The Purple Frog | Mara Serena Safari Lodge Mirrors

Someday, The Purple Frog will bring beauty from Africa. That continent is fascinating. They are BIG on art and DIY. Their hands are magical.

Can’t resist telling this one awesome thing about them…Their signboards talk in the language of latitudes and longitudes. And I had my moment with my favourite latitude, Equator. And I walked that line too, so many times. Lol.

The Purple Frog| Nanyuki Kenya Equator

Thing this Week

Mirror Mosaic for the first time on a tiny glass bottle

Realisation: Mosaic is a beautiful, simple-sounding, hard-to-pull-off art form. Hats off to those who do it for a living. Not a great job here. But then, experimentation shouldn’t just be a word. The Purple Frog is trying to get an expert to tell us the tricks of mosaic. Keep watching this space!


The Purple Frog | Mosaic Mirror Bottle

When this work was happening, Forrest Gump and Active Javed Akhtar were taking turns with their words in the background. Lol. Both are sweethearts with such a clear mirror within…

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Authentically Yours

Dogs don’t talk. Not a revelation. I know. However, it is the easiest to communicate to them. It’s the purity of even a minute of interaction that makes you belong to them. That innate truthfulness, that instant real reaction makes you fall for them.
They are Authentically Yours and with the number of times they approach you in a day, so hoping to be Frequently Yours.

So ‘authentic’ is the experience that is most beloved to The Purple Frog. Unadulterated. How we would have done it if we were the first humans. lol. That’s such a thrilling thought.

So for the untimely sweet cravings, try authentic. MAKE something in your own kitchen. I found my solution in these Besan Ke Ladoo with just three lead ingredients and two tablespoons milk. Authentic to the core, no angrezi raisins or dry fruits. Just Besan, Sugar and Desi Ghee.
Find your solution and stuff it in the fridge. Also, do The Purple Frog a favour, if it’s YOUR craving, cater to it yourself! Don’t ask the perfected-at-the-art-of-cooking-hands to do it for you. DIY.

Although sweets are not good for dogs, I think a bite or two won’t harm. I gave him some tidbits and his reaction is right here on a coaster dedicated to him!

The Purple Frog | Besan Ke Ladoo Authentically Yours

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