Origami Pleasures

Actions speak louder than words. We have all heard that. But some oriental beings through YouTube videos have just gone out of their ways to prove that about origami, the art of paper folding, and The Purple Frog is thankful.


Because origami through written instructions can be a nightmare since the ‘code cracking’ process takes away the magic part from this paper art completely. What can be a quickie like creative experience turns into this gigantic, frustrating, is-it-even-for-me experience for many…

For so many of us making anything beyond paper planes and boats is hard…

God bless the silent, wordless musical videos that teach you in minutes what you couldn’t ever do with those long steps-to-follow inserts in origami kits and books.

A gentle reminder of the torture happened when The Purple Frog chanced upon (or the forces did that on purpose) the Origami section at a bookstore recently.

Origami Book Steps|The Purple Frog

Let’s be thankful for the silent videos and,

Next time someone is making you wait for too long or your little niece demands some new trick, just grab a piece of paper and do the magic…

Thing This Week


A Box that’s rousing feelings that a Tiffany box may rouse in many, a Pocket Journal and a Trash Bin for the work table…

Origami|Paper Box| The Purple Frog

Origami Pocket Journal

Origami Trash Bin

P.S. With the ease these videos offer, making these tiny pieces can turn into an addiction of sorts. However, forgetting how to do it without the video is as easy too.

Just how the pleasures of a quickie happen only after you have taken a lot of long shots and understood your resource, origami pleasures ask for the same hard work too. Lol.

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