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Blemished For Nothing

Once The Purple Frog met a very beautiful, successful Finance Girl who was scared as hell of her mum and dad to live a good personal life of her choice…Also, she constantly lived in the guilt of the reputation her marital status – single at 33 – brought them.

She tried to always justify all their complaints with a smile and hid all her desires by believing at least she gets food cooked by someone else and doesn’t have to enter the kitchen. Lol. She eventually earned a good reputation at large for being such an understanding child to her parents and an independent, single woman waiting for the right man to happen.

At the same place

There was another pretty girl, pretty angry too (stress-blemished), often mocked for her man-like demeanour and for not taking it easy on certain subjects. She had not given in. Denied the life she was offered and seemed to battle it out. Often by stating what was on her mind and trying to do what she deemed fit for herself.

The Finance Girl led a life of great reputation, doing a lot of things in the hiding but never tried to take a stand for what she desired. On the other hand, the other girl was labelled a rebel because she did what she wanted. As a result, her life wasn’t pretty anymore and she was losing the coyness and the sweetness of the girly kind with which she too started her life.

In fact, situations became extra-harsh for her on most occasions because she put up a bold stand in necessary situations and as a result, people expected boldness from her where it wasn’t even required to struggle.

Without realising, her life turned into this battle. From long hair to cropped hair, she was questioned for even simpler things and without even realising she was called a Fierce Feminist. The real joys no more remained and her life became harder.

However, eventually, when one looked around her,

She had paved way for many to feel the real joys. She opened the way. She filled the gaps that contradictory growth areas create. She brought the term modern to life in mindsets. Often people find it easy to live modernity through costly gold-rimmed phones and new cuisines and recipes.  She brought honesty to the fore.  All that was honestly normal for a human to do…

When someone criticised the Feminist Girl for her blemishes and manliness or nothing sexy / appealing about her to The Purple Frog, all it had to say was…she took the burns of the fire that caused the light in which you bask now…

However, The Purple Frog always feels claustrophobic (may be the reaction should be indifference or patience) in the presence of those who misguide the world. If they are doing it in the hiding, they almost cheat mankind by denying what’s natural to humans… which people you choose and live with is a choice you make. But underplaying or hiding it is encouraging other humans to live in denial and it doesn’t in any way, pave way for a candid co-existence.

Thing This Week

A blanket in the making…The colours and size make it ideal to gift it to a couple expecting twins. But, your writer here is petty that way. The blanket is turning out so soft and cosy that for at least one winter, this blanket is not stepping out for circulation. One winter it shall warm the body here…

The Purple Frog | Winter Blanket

And if you’re thinking about the last piece that was in the making, it’s done and happily in use.

The Purple Frog | Sweater

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Festive Fare

The Purple Frog once had a friend (quite like a toad too) who dreaded Punjabi weddings (a North Indian tribe that many say are like what the Irish are to the English). The Purple Frog wouldn’t know since it hasn’t hopped enough in that direction to find cultural similarities.

So this toad friend remembered entering the wedding pandal off guard, how you enter a party with a hope to enjoy a little like a guest. However, he was greeted with – oh wow, you’re here. Good. Go hit the dance floor.’ As he smiled apprehensively thinking it was a mere formal-offering-meets-polite-decline moment, he witnessed shock.

He was pulled and pushed and made to first dance before he could even realise he is in the middle of a stranger crowd of over 200. By the time, he came to his senses, it was too late. He had done his awkward dance steps which quite were like slightly-bent-knee step-touch without stretching the arms…

Before The Purple Frog moves into revealing the details of dance moves of

Many near, dear, distant, and stranger ones, it wants to take the liberty of doing so because dancing and eating are the only activities that are the closest to describing the Indian festive fare.

The Purple Frog itself isn’t

A trained dancer and has over the years seen viewers/co-dancers confused about the mismatched movement of the upper and the lower body. But, nothing stops the dancing feet even if the best they know is to hop.

The earliest memory of

A move worth copying comes from a dear relative. He would flare up his nose…widen the eyes, slightly pop out the eyeballs…spread the legs, bend slightly backwards and hop…after two hops he would run to a nearby dance spot  and do the same…this way he would cover the entire dance floor in four fast runs and turns.

Then there are those

Who have never jumped a stair in life and time just passed before the special day arrived when they have to dance because the occasion calls for. They raise the arms well…straight up in the air but can’t jump. No. Knees bent and on the spot act of jumping without any success. Only the heels go up by an inch. And now imagine such people after a drink. The same movement at the speed of 20 jumping attempts in 30 seconds.

Then a dear friend, toad-kissed-by-a-princess-turned-into-a-prince, twists, twists, twists, goes down, twist some more…the protruding ass is almost touching the floor and then spots a viewer keenly watching him. Forgets to twist and finds it hard to just get up after having gone down that much.

Then the beauties who not only know the song by heart but also the dancer’s facial expressions which can get quite expressive when the music is loud, the dance floor dark and secluded & the person blind to the reality of someone watching them live in their moment of Me-no-less-than-Beyonce/Hema Malini.

Then there are the kite fliers.

They have an invisible string in their hands and the move is happening and their kites are flying, their hands suspended freely in the air pulling that invisible string.

Once again, The Purple Frog isn’t a great dancer and has often been compared to a snake dancing to the tunes of a snake charmer or sometimes even told, that hop, hop, hop was good…lol.

On that note, wishing you happy and fun-filled festive times where you eat and dance like no one is watching…

Things This Festive Season

Compiled a festival special collection for a festive fare nearby…

The Purple Frog | Festive Fare

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The Trouble With ____ Is

Kelly Clarkson’s song – The Trouble With Love – can become a headline for many articles and posts. Try it. Simply replace the word Love with whatever is irreplaceable in  your life.

Here at The Purple Frog, the blank can be filled with ‘A Talking Heart’…

The Trouble With A Talking Heart Is

It can lead you on a way that initially feels like you have gone astray…

Saying it poetically doesn’t take away the numbness you can feel in the knees that happens when you chase a feeling.

But the tickling in the toes, every now and then, definitely tells you, what else you are going to do if not chase this feeling…

Other troubles are 

  • A lack of labels and a lack of role models.

Both are not important to your Talking Heart. Labels can range from maverick to bored lunatic based on how engrossed you are in your undefined pursuit

As far as the role models go, a Talking Heart admires but hardly follows…So, no role models.

  • A Talking Heart often likes to beat the sense of time and that focus-on-one-thing too which are sure to lead someplace known. Get a little late for the party and A Talking Heart lands you in troubles your Talking Heart itself doesn’t know how to deal with…lol.

It just knows

How to beat faster when the toes tickle and guess what, once you start listening to your Talking Heart and trusting it…the tickling becomes frequent and it all feels like a big party.

Eventually, hopefully, the bills get paid too…lol.

And The Purple Frog is sure, even, Kelly Clarkson would agree that the troubles of A Talking Heart are far more bearable than the troubles of love…

Thing This Week

 Wall Work with pencils

The Purple Frog | A Talking Heart | Serendipity

Used a textured multi- hued pencil & a charcoal one

The Purple Frog | Wall Work Pencils

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